Carnival 2019
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our theme:
Mangueira - Building a Community

The Morro da Mangueira hillside in Rio de Janeiro is the home of the Mangueira community, to which Paraíso School of Samba this year pays homage. Paraíso has a deep connection with this community and its samba school through one of the community’s most well-known and most beloved members, ‘Tia Alice’, or Aunt Alice. She founded CAMP Mangueira in 1988, a youth training programme which to this day prepares Mangueira children for a successful adult life. Paraiso’s President, Henrique da Silva, was one of these children, and Tia Alice was like a godmother to him. Mangueira’s samba school – ‘Estação Primeira de Mangueira’ – is one of the most famous, successful and well-loved samba schools in Rio de Janeiro, and the winner of an impressive 20 Carnivals, including 2019. Its success can be largely attributed to the strong community bonds that support this largely volunteer organisation. So, this year, Paraíso School of Samba has decided to bring Mangueira to Notting Hill Carnival in a tribute to the building of a community and the work of Tia Alice. Samba is all about community, about ordinary people working together to celebrate their culture and assert their cultural identity. Our parade will feature floats, costumes, music and dance celebrating the lives and cultural origins of the people of Mangueira. Expect a river of pink and green, white and red (the respective school colours of Mangueira and Paraíso) featuring 250 performers, including samba stars from Mangueira!
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